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Restorative Dentistry
Spokane Valley, WA

two Serenity Dental Patient happily smiling and pose to cameraAt Serenity Dental, our goal is to prevent dental problems before they occur. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to poor oral hygiene, genetics, infrequent checkups, and other risk factors. This is why we also specialize in restorative dentistry. Our restorative services are designed to improve the function and aesthetics of your smile, as well as your overall oral health.

Same Day Crowns

When a tooth has had a significant amount of work done, or if it has decayed to the point that its structural integrity has been compromised, having a crown placed is often a viable option for restoration. A traditional crown is a custom-made cap, made in a dental laboratory, that fits over your existing tooth. We now offer same-day crowns which, as the name implies, are made in our office and fitted on your tooth all in one visit! Same-day crowns are made possible thanks to computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).
Discover how a dental crown can be used on a damaged or decayed tooth.

Partial & Full Dentures

A denture is a removable appliance that is usually used to replace one or more missing teeth. A partial denture usually attaches to the surrounding teeth with metal clasps. A complete denture consists of a flesh-colored acrylic base that supports a complete arch of prosthetic teeth. We offer custom-fit dentures as a more comfortable, functional, and durable solution.
Discover how different types of removable dentures can replace missing teeth.

Custom Fit Dentures

Custom fit dentures are a great way for you to get your life back and return to smiling, singing, and laughing - all the activities you love to do with family and friends. If you don’t know what custom fit dentures are, give Serenity Dental a minute to talk to you about them.
Read more about custom fit denture.

Jaw & Gum Resorption

We at Serenity Dental have the expertise for addressing jaw and gum resorption and the comprehensive information to help you understand this tooth condition. We also have the equipment to examine you for tooth resorption and propose valid treatment options.

Compared to dental caries and gum disease, resorption is a rarer tooth condition. For this reason, both patients and tooth doctors may sometimes give inadequate attention to the issue. However, our oral health experts are aware that jaw and gum resorption affects a considerable number of people and requires professional attention.
Learn more about jaw and gum resorption.

Root Canal Therapy – Non Surgical

If you are suffering from severe toothache, you need to visit an endodontic specialist. Endodontic means inside the tooth, and endodontists specialize in treating the pulp, which holds the teeth nervous system and blood supply. They will perform root canal therapy to prevent the infection from spreading, restoring the tooth to full functionality.

In most cases, the infection causes a substantial amount of pain, and most patients seek help initially. At Serenity Dental, we specialize in root canal therapy and can help prevent further damage to the tooth, gums, and jaw with the help of non-surgical root canal therapy.
Discover how a root canal could save a tooth from being extracted.

Molar Root Canal

One reason people have a fear and hatred about molar root canals is because they worry about pain. However, Serenity Dental can give you some information about molar root canals, how we minimize pain during molar root canals, and why molar root canals can actually save your tooth.
Read more about molar root canal.

TMJ & Bruxism Problems

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), allows us to move our joint forwards, backward, and side-to-side. Any problems that prevent us from using this joint properly are known as TMD or temporomandibular joint disorders. We provide some treatments designed to alleviate any pain or discomfort associated with the TMJ.
Read more about TMJ and the treatments available to help with pain.

Gum Disease

As an oral surgery & endodontics office, we here at Serenity Dental specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease. Gum (periodontal) disease is one of the most common dental problems in the U.S.
Learn more about gum disease.

Gum Graft

At Serenity Dental, we specialize in gum graft surgery to help combat the harmful effects of gum recession and trauma. If you frequently experience sensitivity to hot and cold, or your teeth have started to look longer, you may need gum graft surgery. A gum graft may be the only way to stop the recession of your gums and prevent further loss of tissue.
Learn more about gum grafting.


Juvéderm is a name-brand dermal filler that consists of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance that regulates the moisture within our skin cells. The application of hyaluronic acid, or Juvéderm, can help hydrate your skin and eliminate unsightly wrinkles. Sufficiently hydrated skin is plump and radiant, giving you a more youthful facial appearance following your treatment.
Discover more about what is juvéderm.

Tooth Removal

There are two types of tooth extractions: simple and surgical. We perform a simple extraction on a tooth that has already erupted above the gumline. We perform a surgical extraction on a tooth that has become impacted, or has yet to erupt, such as wisdom teeth. Extraction may be necessary to prevent the spread of infection and other complications.
Learn more about tooth extractions and when they are necessary.

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